Cherrydale Baptist Church
Tuesday, March 28, 2017
To love God and people above all else

Personal Stories

Lee and Kaari Vasquez
Both Lee and I had a desire to adopt before we were married. Our vision was to wait until later in life when we had biological children and were more financially stable. God had different plans for us!
I began feeling led to adopt through foster care. Lee wasn’t as sure. I prayed that God would change his heart if it was truly His will and he did just that! We were trained as foster parents and meanwhile God was preparing us to learn about unconditional love and sacrifice. He gave us a desire to be a part of helping families to heal.
We were certified in July 2007 and the call came in September. They asked us to take in David and his brother together for five days. We didn’t have the space and weren’t certified for two, but it was only supposed to be five days. We said yes of course and were so extremely excited and nervous. Three years later, David became our forever son!
Throughout our experiences as foster parents, God has taught us more than we could ever imagine through all of the ups and downs. We have been blessed by so many amazing children and birth families and are so grateful that they were placed in our lives. We tell everyone that we have the fastest growing extended family because we feel as though every child who passes through our door is a part of our family and their birth families are a part of ours as well. God always confirms his calling for our family by showing us how purposeful he is in the children he brings to our family.
Please know that fostering does bring heart ache, but to us, that heart ache is worth every moment we are able to show our children how much they are loved by us and most importantly, their Heavenly Father.