Cherrydale Baptist Church
Thursday, March 30, 2017
To love God and people above all else

Prayer Training

The Prayer Ministry offers training several times a year, focused on providing a Biblical foundation for prayer from several perspectives:

  • A series of two week mini-courses on praying for a specific area (e.g, praying for marriages, praying for children, etc), taught by ministry leaders who have a passion for prayer in those areas, sharing what they pray for and how they do it
  • A 12-week course on gaining a fundamental understanding of prayer, covering topics such as the authority of the believer, God’s heart for us, the power of prayer, intercession, and more
  • A short course offered to those with an interest in joining the Prayer Ministry

We invite you to come learn more about what God is doing in our midst and how He responds to our prayers. If you love to pray or have a burden to pray for someone or something, these classes are for you. All classes are offered on Sunday mornings, usually during Elective times.

 If you would like additional information, would like to know when the next class is, have prayer requests or would like to arrange an appointment for prayer, please email us.