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Monday, March 27, 2017
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Marriage Series

Pastor King has developed a 14 message series for couples considering marriage. Click here for additional info.

Sermon archive listed by broadcast date:



03/26/17-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
03/19/17-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
03/12/17-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
03/05/17-Speaker: Tom Oostdyk  Message Notes
02/26/17-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
02/19/17-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
02/12/17-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
02/05/17-Speaker: Matt Gibert  Message Notes
01/29/17-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
01/22/17-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
01/15/17-Speaker: Tom Oostdyk  Message Notes
01/08/17-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
01/01/17-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes


12/25/16-Speaker: Tom Oostdyk
12/18/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
12/11/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
12/04/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
11/27/16-Speaker: Matt Gibert  Message Notes
11/20/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
11/13/16-Speaker: Tom Oostdyk  Message Notes
11/06/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
10/30/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
10/23/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
10/16/16-Speaker: Fouad Masri  Message Notes
10/09/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
10/02/16-Speaker: Matt Gibert  Message Notes
09/25/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
09/18/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes

09/11/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes


08/21/16-Speaker: Brian Main  Message Notes
08/14/16-Speaker: Matt Gibert  Message Notes
08/07/16-Speaker: Matt Gibert  Message Notes
07/31/16-Speaker: Dave Young  Message Notes
07/24/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
07/17/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
07/10/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
07/03/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
06/26/16-Speaker: Matt Gibert  Message Notes
06/19/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
06/12/16-Speaker: Greg O'Dell  Message Notes
06/05/16-Speaker: Ed Grudier  Message Notes
05/29/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
05/22/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
05/15/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
05/08/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
05/01/16-Speaker: Dave Young  Message Notes
04/24/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
04/17/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
04/10/16-Speaker: Herb Owen  Message Notes
04/03/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes

Easter 2016

03/27/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
03/27/16-Speaker: Jing Dai & Derek Xu


03/20/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
03/13/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
03/06/16-Speaker: Baruch  Message Notes
02/28/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
02/21/16-Speaker: Matt Gibert  Message Notes
02/14/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
02/07/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
01/31/16-Speaker: Tom Oostdyk  Message Notes
01/24/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
01/17/16-Speaker: Matt Gibert  Message Notes
01/10/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
01/03/16-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
12/27/15-Speaker: Ben LoPresti  Message Notes

His Birth Changes Everything

12/20/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
12/13/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
12/06/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
Daniel - God's Purposes Will Prevail!

11/29/15-Speaker: Matt Gibert  Message Notes
11/22/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
11/15/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
11/08/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
11/01/15-Speaker: Matt Gibert  Message Notes
10/25/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes

Missions Conference Sunday

10/18/15-Speaker: Casely Essamuah  Message Notes

Daniel - God's Purposes Will Prevail!

10/11/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
10/04/15-Speaker: Tom Oostdyk  Message Notes
09/27/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
09/20/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
09/13/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
Second Peter

Sacred Journey

07/19/15-Speaker: Dave Young  Message Notes
07/12/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
07/05/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes

06/28/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes

Sacred Journey

06/21/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
06/14/15-Speaker: Greg O'Dell  Message Notes
06/07/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
05/31/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
05/24/15-Speaker: Tom Oostdyk  Message Notes
05/17/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
05/10/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
05/03/15-Speaker: Dave Young  Message Notes
04/26/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
04/19/15-Speaker: Herb Owen  Message Notes
04/12/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes

Crucial Conversations with Jesus

04/05/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
03/29/15-Speaker: Tom Oostdyk  Message Notes
03/22/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
03/15/15-Speaker: Matt Gibert  Message Notes
03/08/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes 

03/01/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes 

Steadfast Church

02/22/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
02/15/15-Speaker: Tom Oostdyk  Message Notes
02/08/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
02/01/15-Speaker: Matt Gibert  Message Notes
01/25/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
01/18/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
01/11/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes
01/04/15-Speaker: Steve King  Message Notes

Jesus in Unexpected Places: Advent Series 2014

12/28/14-Speaker: Dave Young  Message Notes
12/21/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
12/14/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
12/07/14-Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert  Message Notes
11/30/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes

Hope Under Fire: A Study of First Peter

11/23/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
11/16/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
11/09/14-Speaker: Pastor Tom Oostdyk  Message Notes
11/02/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
10/26/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes


Missions Conference Sunday

10/19/14-Speaker: Pastor Bob Glahn  Message Notes

Hope Under Fire: A Study of First Peter

10/12/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
10/05/14-Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert  Message Notes
09/28/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
09/21/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
09/14/14-Speaker: Pastor Ed Grudier  Message Notes

The Ten Commandments

09/07/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
08/31/14-Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert  Message Notes
08/24/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
08/17/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
08/10/14-Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert  Message Notes
08/03/14-Speaker: Pastor Herb Owen  Message Notes
07/27/14-Speaker: Pastor Tom Oostdyk  Message Notes
07/20/14-Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert  Message Notes
07/13/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
07/06/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes

Vacation Bible School Sunday (June 29, 2014)

06/29/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes

Joining Jesus on His Mission: A Study of the Book of Acts

06/22/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
06/15/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
06/08/14-Speaker: Pastor Greg O'Dell  Message Notes
06/01/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
05/25/14-Speaker: Pastor Bob Glahn  Message Notes
05/18/14-Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert  Message Notes
05/11/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
05/04/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
04/27/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
04/20/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
04/13/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
04/06/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
03/30/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
03/23/14-Speaker: Randy Newman  Message Notes
03/16/14-Speaker: Pastor Tom Oostdyk  Message Notes
03/09/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
03/02/14-Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert  Message Notes
02/23/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
02/16/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
02/09/14-Speaker: Baruch  Message Notes
02/02/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
01/26/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
01/19/14-Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
01/12/14-Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert
01/05/14-Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert    

Actively Entering God's Story (Advent Series 2013)

The Wait of the New Year
12/29/13-Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert     Message Notes
12/22/13-Speaker: Pastor Steve King     Message Notes
12/15/13-Speaker: Pastor Steve King     Message Notes
12/08/13-Speaker: Pastor Steve King     Message Notes
12/01/13-Speaker: Pastor Steve King     Message Notes

The Book of Titus

11/24/13-Speaker: Pastor Steve King     Message Notes
11/10/13-Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert     Message Notes
11/03/13-Speaker: Pastor Steve King     Message Notes
10/20/13-Speaker: Pastor Steve King     Message Notes

Doors of Opportunity Missions Conference

10/27/13-Speaker: Steve Richardson     Message Notes
10/13/13-Speaker: Pastor Steve King     Message Notes 

God's Providence, Our Calling (The Book of Esther)

God's Providence, Our Celebration
10/06/13-Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert     Message Notes 
09/29/13-Speaker: Pastor Steve King     Message Notes 
09/22/13-Speaker: Pastor Steve King     Message Notes 
09/15/13-Speaker: Pastor Steve King     Message Notes 

Our God is Yahweh: Redemptive Lessons from the Life of Elijah (1 Kings 16:29-2 Kings 2:14)

Our God Blesses His Children
09/08/13—Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert   Message Notes
09/01/13—Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert   Message Notes
08/25/13—Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert   Message Notes
08/18/13—Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert   Message Notes
08/11/13—Speaker: Pastor Greg O'Dell   Message Notes
08/04/13—Speaker: Pastor Tom Oostdyk   Message Notes
07/28/13—Speaker: Pastor Bob Glahn   Message Notes
07/21/13—Speaker: Pastor Ed Grudier   Message Notes
07/14/13—Speaker: Pastor Herb Owen   Message Notes
07/07/13—Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert   Message Notes
06/30/13—Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert   Message Notes
06/23/13—Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert   Message Notes
06/16/13—Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert   Message Notes

Be Careful What You Hope For
06/09/13—Speaker: Pastor Greg O'Dell   Message Notes

Community Outreach Sunday

God's Heart for the Undervalued
06/02/13—Speaker: Pastor Ed Grudier   Message Notes

Our Work, God's Rewards

God's Investment Offer
05/26/13—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes
05/19/13—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes
05/12/13—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes
05/05/13—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes
04/28/13—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes
04/21/13—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes
04/14/13—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes
04/07/13—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes

Coming to Terms With His Coming (2 Thessalonians in the Easter Season)

03/31/13—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes
03/24/13—Speaker: Pastor Herb Owen   Message Notes
03/17/13 - Pastor King, Pastor Gibert and Pastor Grudier
03/17/13—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes
03/10/13—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes
03/03/13—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes
02/24/13—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes
02/17/13—Speaker: Baruch   Message Notes

Authentic Christianity (A Study of 1 Thessalonians)

12/30/12—Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert   Message Notes

Advent Series: Portraits of Jesus in the Old Testament

12/23/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes
God in the Furnace
12/16/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes
Stairway from Heaven
12/09/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes
Covenant Keeper
12/02/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes

Healthy Relationships

11/25/12—Speaker: Pastor Ed Grudier  Message Notes
Cultivating a Healthy Marriage
11/18/12—Speaker:Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
Life-giving Relationships in a Church Family
11/11/12—Speaker:Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
Making Peace With Your Parents
11/04/12—Speaker:Pastor Steve King   Message Notes 
2012 Global Missions Conference: "And the End Will Come"
The Unfinished Task
10/28/12—Speaker: Paul Eshleman  Message Notes

JONAH: The Grace Chase

Amazing Grace 
10/21/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
Grace Invasion 
10/14/12—Speaker: Pastor Greg O'Dell  Message Notes
Getting the Point 
10/07/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
09/30/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King  Message Notes
09/23/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes
09/16/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes

Tackling Tough Topics

How Should We Think About Baptism? 
09/09/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes
Living on Purpose 
09/02/12—Speaker: Pastor Bob Glahn   Message Notes

Tackling Tough Topics

Why Can't Sincere Christians Get Along? 
08/26/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes
How Do I Relate to the Holy Spirit? 
08/19/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King   Message Notes
Who Is My Neighbor? 
08/12/12— Speaker: Matt Gibert  Message Notes
Wake Up, O Sleepy Church! 
08/05/12—Guest Speaker: Dr. Ron Jones Message Notes
How Does the Gospel Impact Our Sexuality? 
07/22/12—Pastor Steve King    Message Notes
Our Help(er) in Time of Need 
07/08/12—Pastor Ed Grudier   Message Notes
One Thing
07/01/12—Speaker: John Lamkin    Message Notes
A Godly Commencement Address 
06/24/12—Speaker: Carlos Dimas    Message Notes

Community Outreach Sunday

Five Expressions of Kingdom Ministry 
06/10/12—Speaker: Noel Castellanos    Message Notes/COMPASS

Foundations for Rock Solid Lives

Kingdom Partnerships 
06/03/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King    Message Notes/COMPASS
Gospel Advancement 
05/27/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King    Message Notes/COMPASS
Multiplication Mindset 
05/20/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King    Message Notes/COMPASS
Biblical Community 
05/13/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King    Message Notes/COMPASS
Trinitarian Worship 
05/06/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King    Message Notes/COMPASS
Gospel Centrality 
04/29/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King    Message Notes/COMPASS
Biblical Authority 
04/22/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King    Message Notes/COMPASS
We Want a King! 
04/15/12—Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert    Message Notes/COMPASS

The Reason for Hope (A Study of the Gospel of Mark)(January 1, 2012 - April 8, 2012)

His Resurrection, Our Hope 
04/08/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King    Message Notes/COMPASS
His Death, Our Hope 
04/01/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King    Message Notes/COMPASS
His Suffering, Our Hope 
03/25/12—Speaker: Pastor Greg O'Dell    Message Notes/COMPASS
His Confidence, Our Hope 
03/18/12—Speaker: Carlos Dimas    Message Notes/COMPASS
His Passion, Our Hope 
03/11/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King    Message Notes/COMPASS
His Return, Our Hope 
03/04/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King    Message Notes/COMPASS
His Rejection, Our Hope 
02/26/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King    Message Notes/COMPASS
His Authority, Our Hope 
02/19/12—Speaker: Pastor Herb Owen    Message Notes/COMPASS
His Submission to the Father, Our Hope 
02/12/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King    Message Notes/COMPASS
His Design, Our Hope 
02/05/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King    Message Notes/COMPASS
His Exclusivity, Our Hope 
01/29/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King    Message Notes/COMPASS
His Lordship, Our Hope 
01/22/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King    Message Notes/COMPASS
His Heart for All Peoples, Our Hope 
01/15/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King    Message Notes/COMPASS
His Revelation, Our Hope 
01/08/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King    Message Notes/COMPASS
His Revolution, Our Hope 
01/01/12—Speaker: Pastor Steve King    Message Notes/COMPASS


The Grace Invasion (Advent Series)(November 27-December 25, 2011)

The Grace Invasion: The Divine Disturber    Message Notes/COMPASS
12/25/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
The Grace Invasion: Our Hope for Wholeness    Message Notes/COMPASS
12/18/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
The Grace Invasion: You Can Run But Not Hide    Message Notes/COMPASS
12/11/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
The Grace Invasion: God's Provision for Us    Message Notes/COMPASS
12/04/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
The Grace Invasion: Announced in Advance    Message Notes/COMPASS
11/27/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King


The Reason for Hope (A Study of the Gospel of Mark)(September 11, 2011 - November 20, 2011)

His Leadership, Our Hope    Message Notes/COMPASS
11/20/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
His Healing Power, Our Hope    Message Notes/COMPASS
11/13/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
His Power Over Evil, Our Hope    Message Notes/COMPASS
11/06/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
His Identity, Our Hope    Message Notes/COMPASS
10/30/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
His Word, Our Hope    Message Notes/COMPASS
10/23/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Moving Mountains    Message Notes/COMPASS
10/16/11—Speaker: Durwood Snead
His Family, Our Hope    Message Notes/COMPASS
10/09/11—Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert
His Radicalism, Our Hope    Message Notes/COMPASS
10/02/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
His Life, Our Hope    Message Notes/COMPASS
09/25/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
His Authority, Our Hope    Message Notes/COMPASS
09/18/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
The Reason for Hope    Message Notes/COMPASS
09/11/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King

The Great Adventure 
09/04/11—Speaker: Carlos Dimas

Psalms: Songs of Faith in the Realities of Life (August 14 & 21, 2011) 
Faith Song 130: Guilty Yet Confident in God 
08/28/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Faith Song 103: Face Reality and Bless God 
08/21/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King

Summer Series 2011 (July 17 - August 14, 2011) 
Temptation and Triumph 
08/14/11—Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert
From Generation to Generation 
08/07/11—Speaker: Pastor Herb Owen
The Faith Journey of Discovery 
07/31/11—Speaker: Carlos Dimas
Which Type of Eternity Will You Receive? 
07/24/11—Speaker: Baruch
How to Deal with Anxiety 
07/17/11—Speaker: Pastor Ed Grudier

Psalms: Songs of Faith in the Realities of Life (May 1 - July 10, 2011)
Faith Song 95: Worship Rehab 
07/10/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Faith Song 81: How to Get Honey From a Rock 
07/03/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Faith Song 73: Nice Guys Finish Last 
06/26/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Faith Song 34: Fighting Fear with Fear 
06/19/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
God's Advice for Life: Live the Gospel 
06/12/11—Speaker: Pastor Greg O'Dell
Faith Song 23: The Shepherd's Rest 
06/05/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Faith Song 22: It's All About Jesus 
05/29/11—Speaker: Pastor Matt Merrill
Faith Song 19: Hearing God 
05/22/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Learning from Jesus How to Share the Gospel 
05/15/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Faith Song 8: His Majesty, Our Dignity 
05/08/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Faith Song 1: Two Ways to Live 
05/01/11—Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert

The Journey (Journey with Jesus to the Cross and Resurrection) (April 3-24, 2011)
The Journey to Life 
04/24/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
The Journey to His Execution and Our Hope 
04/17/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
The Journey Through His Civil Trials 
04/10/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
The Journey Through His Three "Religious" Trials 
04/03/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King

The Complete Christian (The Book of Colossians) (Jan 9 - Mar 27, 2011)
Complete People: The Blockbuster Edition 
03/27/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
24/7 Locksmiths 
03/20/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
03/13/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
We've Got Your Back! 
03/06/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Identity Theft No More! 
02/27/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Shadow Land 
02/20/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Christ Shaped Church 
02/13/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Complete But Not Complacent 
02/06/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Reasons to Get Up Every Day 
01/30/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
The Hope of the Gospel 
01/23/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Praying for Wholeness 
01/16/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Moving from Fragmentation to Completion 
01/09/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King

THE GYM (The Book of James) (Sept-Jan 2, 2011)
God's Healing Community 
01/02/11—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Simeon Says 
12/26/10—Speaker: Pastor Greg O'Dell
Three "So Whats" of Christmas 
12/19/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Hope for the Oppressed 
12/12/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Money Talks 
12/05/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
God In My Everyday 
11/28/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
What God Can't Resist 
11/21/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Two Kinds of Wisdom 
11/14/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
The Sermon on The "Mouth" 
11/07/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Was Luther Right? 
10/31/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Glory to the Righteous One 
10/24/10—Speaker: Baruch
Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment 
10/17/10—Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert
Pride and Prejudice 
10/10/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
What Religion Pleases God? 
10/03/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
If We Don't Worship God, We Play God 
09/26/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
How Can Temptations Become Opportunities? 
09/19/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
When Troubles Persist 
09/12/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
No Pain, No Gain 
09/05/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King

HOPE (August 2010)
Surgeon of Hope 
08/29/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Hope in Our Unseen Provider 
08/22/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Hope Amidst Perplexity 
08/15/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Shepherds of Hope 
08/08/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Resident Aliens with Hope 
08/01/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King

Summer Series (July 2010)
The Unforgiving Servant 
07/25/10—Speaker: Pastor Matt Gibert
Living on Purpose 
07/18/10—Speaker: Pastor Bob Glahn
Don't Waste the Pain: Growing through Difficulties 
07/11/10—Speaker: David Lyons, The Navigators
Independence from Idolatry 
07/04/10—Speaker: Pastor Ed Grudier

Renewing Hope and Confidence (Book of Hebrews) (February 7 - June 27, 2010)
Living in the Community of Grace 
06/27/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Living as Citizens of an Unshakable Kingdom 
06/20/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
How Not to Lose Heart in the Marathon of Life 
06/13/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
The Realities of Living By Faith 
06/06/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Faith for the Journey 
05/30/10—Speaker: Pastor Herb Owen
How Faith Works 
05/23/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Breaking through Quitting Points with Confidence! 
05/16/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Perfected For All Time By His One Sacrifice 
05/09/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Christ's Blood Guarantees Our Blessings 
05/02/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
The God of the Least (Community Outreach Sunday) 
04/25/10—Speaker: Carlos Dimas, YoungLife, South Arlington
Our Only Two Options (Dedication Sunday) 
04/18/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#8 What Jesus Provides Is So Much Better 
04/11/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
The Ultimate Good News (Easter Sunday) 
04/04/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#7 The Only Hope That Can Anchor Our Souls 
03/28/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#6 Assurance That Accelerates Our Growth 
03/21/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#5 How to Be Confident Before God 
03/14/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#4 How to Rest While You Work 
03/07/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#3 Connect with a Community that Constantly Considers Jesus 
02/28/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#2 Drop Anchor or Drift 
02/21/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#1 Where to Look When Your Faith is Wavering 
02/14/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King

Called to Be a Bridge - Not a Barrier
#6 Joining God in His Mission 
01/31/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#4 Knowing What Good Bridges Are Like 
01/17/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#3 Understanding Why Bridge Building is Necessary 
01/10/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#2 Seeing Ourselves As Bridges; 
01/03/10—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#1 Trusting our "Master Engineer" 
12/27/09—Speaker: Pastor Steve King

The Great Reversal (Advent 2009)
#4 The Great Reversal: Jesus Made It Possible 
12/20/09—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#3 The Great Reversal: Jesus Said Without It We go To Hell! 
12/13/09—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#2 The Great Reversal: The Only Way to God 
12/06/09—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#1 The Great Reversal: You Can Experience It! 
11/29/09—Speaker: Pastor Steve King

PROVERBS: Godly Wisdom for Everyday Life
#13 Godly Wisdom at Work in Parents and Children 
11/15/09—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#12 Godly Wisdom at Work in a Marriage 
11/08/09—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Filled With HIS Glory (Global Missions Conference Sunday) 
10/25/09—Speaker: Pastor Ed Grudier
#10 Godly Wisdom Needs to Come to Work With Us Every Day 
10/18/09—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#9 Godly Wisdom Heals a Wounded Spirit 
10/11/09—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#8 Godly Wisdom Transforms Our Anger 
10/04/09—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#7 Godly Wisdom Repairs Our Relationships 
09/27/09—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
Triumph in Christ (Focus for Four Sunday
09/20/09—Speakers: 2009 Azerbaijan Mission Team
#6 Godly Wisdom Attracts Healthy Friendships 
09/13/09—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#5 Godly Wisdom Leads to Financial Freedom 
09/06/09—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#4 Godly Wisdom Gives Us a Passion for Purity 
08/30/09—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#3 Godly Wisdom Transforms Our Tongue 
08/23/09—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#2 Godly Wisdom Drive Foolishness From Our Hearts 
08/16/09—Speaker: Pastor Steve King
#1 Godly Wisdom is Priceless But Available to All 
08/09/09—Speaker: Pastor Steve King

SUMMER SERIES:  Becoming Christ Shaped Influencers
His Mission, Our Priority, Luke 24:44-47 
07/26/09—Speaker: Steve Lewis, Young Adults Director
Presenting the Plan of Salvation, Various References 
07/19/09—Speaker: Chaplain Earl Karl, Good News Jail & Prison Ministry
Influence Through Service, Philippians 2:1-11 
07/12/09—Speaker: Dr. Larry Mercer, Washington Bible College
Bringing It All To Jesus, Matthew 14:13-22 
07/05/09—Speaker: Carlos Dimas, YoungLife

#11, The Ministry of Realignment 
06/28/09—Pastor Steve King
#10, What God Can't Resist 
06/21/09—Pastor Steve King
#9, Commitment to God's Alignment Mission 
06/14/09—Pastor Steve King
#8, Rally Around God's Book 
06/07/09—Pastor Steve King
#7, Passing Three Alignment Tests 
05/31/09—Pastor Steve King
#6, Evidence of Alignment: Moral Authority 
05/24/09—Pastor Steve King
#5, How to Defeat Discouragement 
05/17/09—Pastor Steve King
#4, Jesus is All We Need 
05/10/09—Pastor Herb Owen
#3, Motivating Others to Align With God  
05/03/09—Pastor Steve King
#2, Tools of Alignment: Prayer and Planning  
04/26/09—Pastor Steve King
#1, Alignment Always Begins in the Heart  
04/19/09—Pastor Steve King

Easter 2009
Easter 2009, We Can Experience the Good News!  
04/12/09—Pastor Steve King




Summer Speaker Series: In A Flat World Who Is my Neighbor?
07/27/08—David Erickson, COO, World Hope International
Summer Speaker Series: Rejoice in the Lord Because You...
07/20/08—Bob Glahn, Executive Pastor, Cherrydale Baptist Church
Phillipians Chapter 3
Strength in Weakness #12: Giving Back—God's Way
06/29/08—Steve King, Senior Pastor, Cherrydale Baptist Church
2 Corinthians 9:1-15
Strength in Weakness #11: Learning to Enjoy Giving
06/22/08—Steve King, Senior Pastor, Cherrydale Baptist Church
2 Corinthians 8:1-24
Strength in Weakness #10—The Two Kinds of Sorrow
06/15/08—Steve King
(2 Corinthians 7:1-16)
Strength in Weakness #9—Don't Receive the Grace of God in Vain
06/01/08—Steve King
(2 Corinthians 6:1-18)












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