Cherrydale Baptist Church
Thursday, March 30, 2017
To love God and people above all else
Focus For Four is a Cherrydale initiative to focus on one particular Unreached People Group (UPG) for four years. We seek impact this people group for eternity  by:
  • Learning about and appreciating this UPG and their culture
  • Praying for this UPG, both individually and corporately
  • Giving financially to support special projects geared to minister to the Kalal
  • Sending short-term teams to serve among this UPG
  • Seeking to send a long-term missionary from Cherrydale to serve among this UPG
Click here for info on our 2017 Short-term Trip.
Focus for Four Trip 2016:  July 12-20
Progress Report December 2016


Our first objective with our Focus For Four on the Kalal has been reached! Starting in January 2014 five Banjara missionaries started to engage the Kalal with the gospel. By the end of December 2016 over 142,700 Kalal had been exposed to the gospel. 4,300 Kalal have experienced new life as they have accepted the good news of the gospel and 66 house churches have been established. Rejoice and give praise to God for the work He has begun among the Kalal!



The Kalal are an unreached people group consisting of 1,150,000 people speaking four main languages and spread out throughout India. Cherrydale will be focusing on the Marathi-speaking Kalal who live in a rural setting in villages located in Andhra Pradesh (approximately 2 hours east of Hyderabad) and number 200,000.
The Kalal are Hindu and were an unengaged unreached people group until January 2014.   It was as this time that Cherrydale partnered with the Banjara people group to engage the Kalal with the gospel.  God has done an amazing work recently among the Banjara!  Since 2010 there have been over 2,000 churches planted among the Banjara .  Starting in January 2014 Cherrydale began supporting five Banjara missionaries who are regularly reaching out to Kalal villages by sharing the Jesus Film, leading evangelistic Bible studies, and mobilizing short-term missions teams from the West to servet.
The main occupation of the Kalal is palm wine making.
To learn more about this read: One consequence of this occupation is severe alcoholism that plagues  Kalal families. Pray for many Kalal to experience freedom from alcoholism as a fruit of embracing the gospel and that this testimony would be a powerful witness to the transforming power of faith in Jesus.

Through God’s empowering, Cherrydale will seek to accomplish the following:

1.  Church-wide involvement in regular intercessory prayer for a gospel breakthrough among the Kalal.

2.  Church-wide learning about and appreciation of the Kalal and their culture so that we can pray in a more informed way.

3. Send out at least one Summer Team each year to serve among the Kalal. For information on the next Focus For Four Summer Trip, click here.