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Monday, March 27, 2017
To love God and people above all else


Spring Electives begin April 23
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4-Chair Disciple Making (Apr 23 - Jun 4, 9:15, Room 110.Teacher: Greg O'Dell)
4 Fields Training (April 23 and 30, 9:15 and 11:00 am, Room 112. Teachers: Steve King and Steve Grudda)
Building Your Marriage to Last (Apr 23 - Jun 11, 9:15 am, Room 114. Teachers: Tony and Siri Mitchell)
Moving God's Heart with Prayer (Apr 23 - May 14, 11:00 am, Room 114. Teachers: Mark Dronfield and Glenn Davis)
Systematic Theology (Apr 23 - Jul 9, 11:00 am, Room 116. Teachers: Matt Gibert and John Glisson)



Cherrydale Explored

This four-week course is for those who want to learn more about who we are as a church and next steps to get connected. This course is offered monthly in Room 230A from 11 am - 12:15 pm. Prior registration is not required. 

4-Chair Disciple Making

Disciple Making with the Next Generation. Pastor Greg will be teaching this workshop style class for parents, adult leaders, college students and teens on how to develop a cross-generational personal disciple making strategy. The class costs $25 to cover the classroom study guide and the 40 day, life of Christ personal devotional guide. For additional information about this elective click here.  

4 Fields Training


The 4 Fields Training is being used to launch gospel movements around the world. Participants discover how to join God in is his mission to make disciples by using basic tools to explain the gospel and lead small groups. This one session class is a primer for a more in-depth training to be held at Cherrydale Baptist Church June 2-3.  Class Limit: 16


Building Your Marriage

Building Your Marriage to Last: The best days of your marriage are ahead! Learn together how to build a marriage that will last. (married couples only)  


Daily Walk with God

This study focuses on God's purpose and process of transforming believers into the image of Christ. We will be learning how to renew the mind, how to live by faith in the power of the Holy Spirit and how to encourage one another in faith. 


The main responsibility Jesus gave his followers was to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20).  The Making Disciples elective will equip believers to make disciples in a reproducible way that will facilitate making disciples who in turn make disciples.  If you desire further training and involvement in how to share your faith, disciple new believers, and disciple mature believers in these two areas, the Making Disciples elective is one you will want to take. 

Discovering the Power of Prayer

The practice of prayer at Cherrydale is a natural extension of our desire to become a people of prayer.  This four week course will explore several core elements to better equip each of us in becoming a more effective prayer warrior and is designed to provide training appropriate for becoming a member of the prayer ministry at Cherrydale.  Come explore how you can join the fight!


God's Heart for OrphanS

This dynamic and interactive six-week elective will explore the Biblical call to actively reach out to orphans with Christ's love and provision. Join us as we study together the inspiring book Fields of the Fatherless, and hear reports from individuals serving on the front lines of orphan care and adoption ministry around the world today. 

Gospel of John

This 12 week elective will explore the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.  

Gospel-centered Living

God transforms our hearts through the gospel and His Spirit empowers us to fulfill His calling in Christ. This interactive study explores how to live in God's will and serve Him in every dimension of our lives, including the home, church, workplace, government and world.

Discovering the Power of Prayer


The practice of prayer at Cherrydale is a natural extension of our desire to become a people of prayer.  This four week course will explore several core elements to better equip each of us in becoming a more effective prayer warrior and is designed to provide training appropriate for becoming a member of the prayer ministry at Cherrydale. Come explore how you can join the fight!



The goal of this class is to give you a greater love for God by teaching you how to fruitfully read, understand, and apply the Bible. This class will cover a study of correct theories and methods of interpretation, as well as actual practice in interpreting a text of Scripture. Through class lectures, examples, and homework assignments, you will learn how to better study God’s Word in order to know and love God more deeply and live more faithfully as disciples for God’s glory.

Lay Counseling

Biblical counseling is intensive discipleship. It involves a Christian using God’s Word—carefully and empathetically—in another person’s life to give hope and bring about biblical change rooted in the gospel (Ephesians 4:22-24). This is the essence of personal ministry. The purpose of this 8-week elective is to give you the tools to begin to do this. Please pray about joining us. Contact Tom Oostdyk for more information.

Moving God’s Heart with Prayer

Do you know what to expect when you pray? How does God view prayer and what moves His heart? What happens if we don’t pray? Developed to lay a strong foundation for your prayer life whether you’re called to prayer ministry or just want a deeper walk with Jesus, this course will cover these questions and other foundational aspects of prayer.


Systematic Theology (formerly called Doctrine)

Systematic Theology focuses on a thematic arrangement of Christian doctrine. In this class, we will seek to organize and articulate our beliefs about the Bible, our Triune God, humanity and sin, salvation, the church, and the future.



The Progress of Redemption (formerly HisStory)

We will explore the storyline of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, in this 12 week elective. If you have ever wondered how all the stories, events, and teachings of the Bible are connected and fit together to reveal God’s plan of redemption, this course will help you to uncover these truths. 

The Worst Financial Mistakes in the Bible and How to Avoid Them

God’s way of managing money differs from the world’s way. By looking at some of the worst financial mistakes made by people in the Bible we can learn how to avoid them in our lives.  

When God's People Pray: a series of mini-courses

When God’s People Pray is a series of two-week mini-courses on how to pray for marriages, children, unborn children, missionaries, through generational issues and more.  Each two-week mini-course will focus specifically on how to pray with confidence and power for things on your heart, whether it’s your marriage, your children, how to pray for missionaries. 



Discipleship Seminar

What is a disciple? What are the necessary components of healthy discipleship? How should I disciple others?  We’ll address these questions and many more by looking together at God’s Word.  Join us as we wrestle with these questions and to be better equipped to disciple others. Lunch and childcare provided (Lunch is for adults only, you will need to pack a lunch for your child). 

Principles for Parents Seminar

At the Principles for Parents Seminar you'll learn the biblical principles that make great families. Follow them, and your family will be a success!  Offered quarterly.

Ministry Training

Small Group Shepherds Training

This training is for potential small group shepherds. We will present the scriptural basis for small groups, Cherrydale’s strategy and the role of shepherding in small groups.  Offered quarterly.