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Monday, March 27, 2017
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   WorkCamp Prince George, VA : July 24-30, 2016


Where : Prince George, VA

Who: If you are in 7th to 12th grade this year and you like working with your hands, and your heart wants to help people in need, then this trip is for you. If you are a college student, parent or youth leader and you wish you could go too, contact Pastor Greg. The sooner we nail down trip leaders, the better.

Cost: This trip will cost $500 per student. Our church will cover 25% of the trip cost reducing the price to $375. Additional scholarships may be available. Adult leaders, we appreciate your sacrifice, so your cost will be minimal in comparison.

Registration: For this trip, we have already pre-paid registrations for 4 adult leaders and 21 students. Student slots are first come-first serve. We will only be able to add students if the work site still has spots open and our adult to student ratio requirements are covered. We will need a $50 payments with your registration.


Payments: After your registration deposit of $50, you owe $325. You can pay on-line through the Circle using your credit card. The first payment goal of $150 was due by March 14th. The last payment goal of $175 is May 14th. If you like, you can pay $325 right away. If you prefer payment by check, please see Pastor Greg to give him the check written to "Cherrydale Baptist Church". Please pay as soon as it is convenient for your family. If you have lost track how much you still owe, please contact Marina (Pastor Greg's assistant).



Departure: Please arrive on Sunday, July 24, at 9:00 am with your tools, inflatable mattress and luggage. Remember to pack a brown bag lunch! We will stop for a lunch picnic on our way. Drinks will be provided. Load your luggage at the back of the church bus or the white van. Meet with the rest of the group at the library.

Return: July 30th, at 12 pm at the church

Trip documents and useful info: 


Details: For this trip we will pack up our church vans and head on down to Prince George, VA, just south of Richmond.  We will camp out with around 300 teens and adults at the local Middle school. This is a totally awesome experience! Be sure to bring an air mattress and ear plugs for sleeping. After morning devotion time each day, we will divide into teams of 6 people and head out to our work sites. We will be doing projects like painting, landscaping, porch repairs, roofing shingles and wheelchair ramps for the elderly, the handicapped, and families who could use a little extra help. Safety training is definitely a part of the experience.  We will return to the high school around 4 pm each day for cleanup and free time. Remember, we will be at a high school, so we will have lots of impromptu opportunities for ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, kickball and "you name it" kinds of games that people can start.  After dinner each evening, there will be a youth rally with cool worship and servant leadership learning.  For more information, you can search Group WorkCamps. On their website look for "home repair trips."  Check out their promotional video.



What is next: As the school year progresses we will keep families of registered students up-to-date on when the payments are due, what forms need to be completed, what to bring and a whole lot more. One really nice aspect of Group Mission Trips is they will have a website login for our youth group where the parents will be able to fill out all the necessary consent forms and other information.



                         Macas, Ecuador : July 2017

 Macas, Ecuador July 2017

Where: Macas, Ecuador

Who: 9-12th grade

Details: We plan to return for our 5th Student Ministry trip to Macas in 2017.  We will have more details about the trip in the Fall of 2016.


What's it like? 2014 Ecuador Trip pictures  and 2015 Ecuador trip video






 Student Ministry Marbella Mission Project Education Sponsorship



Over the past two years, many of our upperclassmen have been able to participate in a missions training trip to Macas, Ecuador. Our main ministry while there is to assist with a day camp offered by Emmanuel Christian School. The school, which has about 300 students, is run by Global Outreach missionaries Robin & Wendy Gutierrez. This past summer we learned two things:
  1. The school has become known as one of the best English learning schools in the region, and
  2. The school is required to offer a number of scholarships in order to remain licensed.
Our youth ministry is currently raising funds to help send Marbella Rodriguez to ECS. Supporting Marbella will serve two purposes - not only will it give her an opportunity to pursue her love of learning about God and studying English, but it will also support ECS's need to meet it's scholarship quota for licensing. 
Marbella is an excellent rising 7 grade student who lost her father last year and experiencing financial difficulties. We would love to see this opportunity opened up for Marbella by helping her to attend Emmanuel Christian School.
In the past few years we have supported Romario Jaramillo. This summer Romario has moved to a different location to pursue his training at ping pong.

If you would like to find out more about helping to sponsor Marbella, email Pastor Greg at


  Why Student Ministry Missions?

Strategy: Our missions discipleship pathway starts with serving here at church, serving in local outreach ministries, serving regional outreach ministries, and serving in a cross-cultural out-of-country experiences. Our goal is to bring teen hearts in sync with God’s heart for the world. 

With each of our trips students are met where they are spiritually and encouraged to step-up their commitment as a follower of Jesus. 
Mission 2 Serve – This service week is our entry level training for missions trip. It is for rising 8th graders through high school. Typically the older you are the greater leadership responsibilities you will have. This trip is designed to disciple teens in living a service minded lifestyle. It is also a missions training trip to prepare teens for an out-of-country mission trip.
Ecuador – This mission trip is designed for upperclassmen (rising juniors through seniors). Rising sophomores who have a track record of growing in their faith and have participated in a service trip may submit an application for consideration. Like our Week of Hope trip, the older and more experienced you are the more leadership responsibilities you will have - especially if you are a trip veteran.

nPursuit Students on a Mission! 

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